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  • BCaD Consulting Management PLC, 30-10-2017

    WVE Staffs- SCM Training
    WVE Staffs- SCM Training

    Training on Supply Chain Management was held on 16-20 October 2017. World Vision Ethiopia (WVE), an international Christian relief and development organization, organized a five day training for its staffs at Saro Maria Hotel, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. There were 19 participants from WVE from procurement, logistics and administration background and with different managerial responsibilities.

    Since managing such a huge and complex humanitarian aid requires robust supply chain management capacity of professionals, it was very crucial for WVE to equip its staffs with the requisite knowledge of supply chain management to efficiently discharge their responsibilities. Selected modules of MLS-SCM training package were offered.

    The training was successful in familiarizing the trainees with the required ability and skills, and providing them ample opportunity for continuous improvement, as well as providing very high level of satisfaction in meeting expectation through the topics covered.

    We believe the trainees will take international examination and subsequently get internationally certified in MLS-SCM after taking remaining modules with giving adequate time for training. Furthermore, we also wish them success in the betterment of their professional expertise in discharging their responsibility within procurement, contract administration and logistics.