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  • Emmanuel Turkson, 03-04-2020

    The Pathways to reducing the impact of the Coronavirus on Ghana's Supply Chains is an intervention to support the Ghanaian businesses which have been affected by the Coronavirus outbreak. The strategies can be applied by all AEBs countries.

     The global supply chains have been hit adversely by the Coronavirus pandemic. The supply chain experts, managers and practitioners are in the board rooms strategizing on the best possible means to get their supply chains to function well in spite of the disruptions. There are shortages of materials and products in world manufacturing warehouses and logistical hubs. The International carriers and logistics providers are operating at low a capacity. The SMEs are struggling and a sizeable number of them have collapsed. The world consumers cannot get the products that they would like to buy in the market, which poses serious threats on our survival and existence in this world.

    As a nation, are we going to sit down for the Coronavirus to seriously threaten Ghanaian businesses and our very survival before actions are taken? Or are we going to do something about the situation? We need to act now. The Pathways to Reducing the Coronavirus Impact on Ghana’s Supply Chains is a crucial intervention that provides guidelines and strategies for the Ghanaian Government and businesses to fix the supply chain conundrum in the wake of this pandemic.