Over the past ten years, the Supply Chain Management (SCM) Programme of ITC has helped train over 25,000 business managers worldwide. Executives learn to manage the sourcing, movement and storage of goods from source of production to point of consumption. For enterprises, this means practical solutions to overcome challenges of export market demands; for buyers, this means optimized sourcing options. For local trade institutions, ITC is a solid partner offering best-in-class supply chain training and advisory programmes.
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  • College of Business Administration and Management - (01-01-2011)
    College of Business Administration and Management (Viet Nam)
    College of Business Administration for Managers (CBAM) belongs to the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI). The main purpose of our College is to train current and future managers of Vietnam by enriching their knowledge and relevant skills in Economic Management, Business Administration, Hospitality and Tourism, Informatics, Purchasing and Supply Chain Management. We cooperate with distinguished universities and institutes from around the world to organize special courses and professional seminars in order to help enterprises access knowledge in business management with the most up to date methodology; as well, to integrate and exchange trade opportunities and know how internationally. CBAM is also an important meeting place for managers to network in exchanging and/or introducing information to and from enterprises to businessmen locally and overseas. More...

    The ITC's MLS-SCM℗ programmeRequired field is used as one of the vehicle by the Logistics Bureau, of the Ministry of Industry, Royal Thai Government to train Logistics/Supply Chain Consultants.  SCM-ITC is the contract provider through TPA for the SPM (Sourcing, Produrement Management) Program for Consultants.  Its on-site ten days consulting services has help many enterprises to enhance its compentencies.

    The MLS-SCM℗ programme is also used as the foundation for testing and evaluating the Professional Certification Programs besides the INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATE IN SUPPLY CHAIN MGT. Cert.SCM℗(ITC) , ADVANCED INT’L CERTIFICATE IN SUPPLY CHAIN MGT. Adv.Cert.SCM℗(ITC), INTERNATIONAL DIPLOMA IN SUPPLY CHAIN MGT.  Dip. SCM℗(ITC) 

    Professional Certifications Programs such as the CERTIFIED LOGISTICS PROFESSIONAL (CLP), CERTIFIED SUPPLY-CHAIN PROFESSIONAL (CSP) and CERTIFIED PURCHASING PROFESSIONAL -(CPP), based mainly on MLS-SCM selected module exams.

    SCM-ITC has a collaboration with the Chulalongkorn University's Graduate School for Logistics and Supply Chain Management.  The Certified Logistics, Transportation and Distribution Certification (CLTD) Training is now accommodated by the Ministry of Transport through the Chulalongkorn University.

    Through the recommendation of SCM-ITC, the United Nations Open University of Humanity, Health Science and Peace (UN IOUHHSP) will establish the new Faculty of Sustainable Supply Chain.  The working project thereafter will establish the criterier of the MLS-SCM modules and its updates to be accepted into the Masters and PhD program of IOUHHSP.